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Welcome to T-zone Health!
T-Zone health prides itself on bringing you high quality, therapeutic health and fitness exercise equipment to
improve the quality of your life. Products that really work! Our latest health and fitness machines are designed to help you lose weight, get fit, improve your circulation, relieve back pain and reduce the bad effects of stress, among many great benefits.

The CardioTech Range of Home-use Electric Treadmills -

Simply the best home electric treadmills...
Want to lose weight and get fit? There’s no better way to achieve your goals than by exercising on a CardioTech electric treadmill.  A motorized treadmill makes you stick to your pace and keep your heart rate in the fat burning/fitness zone! CardioTech treadmills are rated "Best Buy” in treadmill reviews, so you know you are getting a top quality treadmill. For peace of mind, CardioTech treadmills have the best warranty and back-up service in the industry and are endorsed by Olympic Gold Medallist Duncan Armstrong. Click the link below to find out more about CardioTech electric treadmills...

CardioTech Home Electric Treadmills

Whole Body Vibration Exercise Therapy Machine -

Improve your circulation, accelerate weight loss, tone and tighten...
Vibration machines really work! All it takes is short bursts of just 10 minutes to see benefits! Just think ...you can replace hours in the gym doing weight training! Plus... combine your vibration and treadmill training and you’ll have the ultimate workout to lose weight fast and get that body back!

Do vibration machines really work? Well, over 30 university studies back it up! Vibrating machines have been shown to reduce cellulite, increase muscle strength, increase metabolism and burn fat - all while improving your overall health. Vibration exercise technology even builds your bone density!  Buy the best vibration machines available - only buy from T-Zone.  We guarantee our quality and support out VT-12 whole body vibration fitness machine with a range of programs to get you achieving your health and fitness goals faster. Endorsed by athlete and personal trainer Guy Leech. Click the link below for more information...

Vibration Therapy Fitness Machine

The Bioflex Natural Traction Inversion Back Care Machine -

A breakthrough in back pain relief!
The Bioflex inversion machine reverses the force of gravity on your spine. As soon as you invert you'll feel a tremendous release as your spine regains space between each disk. So much safer and more effective than inversion beds, which painfully clamp your ankles.

Bioflex's Triple Action - decompression, strong abdominals, a strong back! Only the Bioflex inversion machine help to relieve back aches and pain by decompressing AND strengthening your core muscles - your back and your abdominals. Bioflex focuses the decompression just on your spine, rather than applying traction to your knees and hips. Importantly, you’re at a 180 degree angle which is more effective than other back care machines and inversion beds - you’re simply using gravity! You get the full benefit of spinal decompression safely and comfortably,,,

Bioflex Natural Traction Inversion Back Care Machine

T-Zone's Therapeutic Robotic Massage Chair -

The ultimate in massage therapy!
Get the massage of your life at home - everyday! You won't believe the quality and features of T-zone's plush, genuine leather massage recliner! Enjoy a relaxing, deep tissue massage to help relieve stress, reduce back ache and sciatica, improve circulation, speed your metabolism, relieve depression and other ailments!

This luxurious robotic massage chair's feature-packed console includes pre-set and semi-auto programs, customise your massage, record your favourite massages to the memory, relax listening to MP3s. There are 9 different massage strokes including Shiatsu, kneading & vibrating, and you can even enjoy a heat treatment massage. Click the link below for more information...

Home Massage Chair

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